We pride ourselves on our stability, with a 30-year record of activity.
That said, we’re nowhere near satisfied: We’re constantly changing, innovating, learning, and growing.

Our clients have run (and walked) with us for years.
We understand how to best offer the services they’re looking for, and sometimes even what they don’t know they’re looking for...

The world of international freight is complex, diverse, and composed of many levels.
Customs duties, air and sea import and export, and regulatory work vis-a-vis the various authorities in Israel can be a super complicated task.
Our skilled and professional teams know how to take control and crack any challenge quickly and efficiently.
We boast great relationships with the world’s leading airlines and sea freight companies.
Over the years we have built deep, meaningful relationships with professional agency networks all over the world, who are ready to provide us with great service and competitive rates.

Teamwork and a powerful service commitment are our core values and the foundation of our company.
We deeply understand the importance of transparency and agility, and derive great satisfaction from creating long-term, well-established relationships with our clients.
We love what we do and are full of energy and anticipation for the challenges the future holds.

Join us,

It’ll be fun! 

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